2005〜  neo
 no.14 marfy tunic top1 navy


finished August, 2006
material polyester @ TOA  ¥500/m
Marfy modello 9859
comment  I found Marfy's pattern on seeing US vogue pattern shop website. They were very attractive because the patterns were elegant and sexy as I haven't them in Japan. The patterns had arrived to me after long journey from Italy, through a American transport agent , took almost 2 month. The beautiful form made by draping enchanted me as soon as I made the dress. For instance , Bodice has not only front and back, also side piece. It helps to make elegant shape. The Handkerchief hem was made of bias cut.
I liked it very much and I am going to make another.

マーフィーのパターンは、vogue USAのサイトを見ていて見つけました。セクシーなデザインだけど、縫い代も説明書もない・・・、いったいどんなのだろうと思い、注文してみました。アメリカのvogueから個人輸入業者を経て、長い長い旅をして我が家にたどり着きました。
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