no.7 shirt from Haori jacket


finishedAugust, 2002
materialpolyester 100%
pattern M Pattern Laboratory  no.00101
comment  "Haori" means "putting on", informal jacket which women can't wear formally. (Lady's full formal is Kimono dress printed on skirt without jacket) . The width of a tally of back corsage is about 40cm, and front corsage is just 30cm. M Pattern Laboratory's no.00101 no-sleeve one peace is panel line, so back corsage is narrower so much than front. Then you can cut back as front and front as back.
 In general, gray or silver is the color of "winter" in "the circle of life" in East Asian idea. In the period of later years you wear the color of end of four season. But when you remake to western dress, the color for elder looks beautiful for young.

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