no.7 cashmere top


finishedNovember, 2002
materialcashmere 100% (product in England)
pattern by myself
pattern course text (by Bunka correspondence course)
easy traveler vol.1
Basic skill of draping (written by Yukiyoshi Katoh)
correspondence course=通信教育
comment I was always thinking..."If I have  a perfectly fitted top's pattern, I must not need knitted clothes like T-shirt!"
I don't like knit sewing, because it is hard to discern the quality of knitted fabric even I had a good pattern or text book.
So, I tried to cut by draping for the first time. I am the beginner of beginner, I sew samples several time . Did I like this work? ......Hmm, so so. But, despite it is slim, fits me.
About fabric, I reformed cashmere coat which my father brought from UK twenty years ago, and ordered to a neighboring tailor (I don't like it so much because the form is not stylish). The surface is sunburned, so I used reversed face. This is revival! I wear once per three days.


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