no.2 shirt fabric made in Germany

finishedJune, 2002
materialcotton 100% made in germany
shop elegance@Nippori \2000/m button/la drogrie@Harajuku
pattern M pattern Laboratory no.B0100
comment  Is imported fabric expensive?  I don't think so. It is wider than made in Japan, so you can buy less the length. For example, despite of  finest quality, the cost of this fabric was \2800. I like it.
輸入布(とくにエレガンス)の値段は高いのか? 私はそんなことないと思います。輸入布ってほとんどw幅ですから用尺が少なくてすみますし、品質の高い布が3000円以下で手に入るのですから、使いようだと思います。

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